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I AM COMPLETELY IN FAVOR OF THE CHURCH AND TO ALL CHRISTIANS, I CONSIDER THEMSELVES MY BROTHERS. Clarifying: I AM COMPLETELY IN FAVOR of CHURCH . This as long, as we are talking about, ἐκκλησία, CHURCH, in a transcendental and mystical sense. So when we speak of CHURCH in these really SPIRITUAL terms evangelicals, Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Pentecostals and even ATHEES, we are brothers because we are part of the same CHURCH or ἐκκλησία, because our CHURCH is UNIVERSAL then We cannot exclude anyone because if we exclude someone like saying that "John Doe" is not our brother, Or that all those people who do not believe in GOD are not our brothers then our CHURCH would cease to be UNIVERSAL, that’s why when we talk about CHURCH ἐκκλησία in spiritual terms, that is to say when we speak of GOD, ALL WE ARE BROTHERS and we all go to the CHURCH it Whether we want it or not, even the atheists, because we all have CHURCH and we carry it inside, I have it in my heart for example, and we all have PASTOR and that pastor is ONE ONLY for all of us. Then when we speak of GOD ALL WE HAVE A SAME UNIVERSAL PASTOR AND ALL WE GO TO THE SAME CHURCH. We all are brothers and sisters.

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