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In the world of lies you create any fallacy you repeat it 1000 times and it becomes true. So if you control the mass media you control the truth, and in the information age those media depend on the mobile phone and all kinds of devices in which the lie can be accessed in any format. There is a written lie, a spoken lie, a sung lie, an acted lie, a visual lie, an auditory lie, lately it is very fashionable The multimedia lie. The American multinationals historically since the great studios like mgm, Warner Brothers, United artists and more recently on Netflix, YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram and all those huge machineries of lies are the ones that build our truth. Fighting Huawei is by far the most absurd occurrence of a system that needs the Universal propagation of its lies and this is how we see the American monopoly on the great truth machine in jeopardy from that fight with Huawei and then, not only the United States will build our truth.

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 The machine of truth
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